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Film / Video Production

The Actor's favorite Cameraman

Having the equipment, skills and experience to bring your Demo Reel to life is our specialty. There are a lot of people with a camera, lights, mics and all the rest that may even have some experience with a 'cinematic' look and feel. Choosing a team with the specific experience of producing quality Demo Reels is important.

West Bay Productions has been in business in San Diego for many years and has proven to give that extra effort to shoot & edit top-notch Demo Reels.

West Bay Productions is also the creator and host of this website and many others. For more info about West Bay Productions click HERE, and for more about West Bay's Video Production, click HERE.

To learn more about West Bay's Webside Design, click HERE.

We often use a 2nd shooter - an independent camera operator so that we can do 2-camera shots for those that call for it and to be setting up and/or shooting simultaneously on a different set as necessary to keep everything moving.

When you're ready to go beyond a Demo Reel and produce a short film, let
West Bay Productions assist by functioning in any capacity you may need.