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Make it simple, clear and honest

An actor's resume should list his physics (height, hair color, eye color...), his credits (projects he has done), his contact info (usually the agent or manager), and his skills (sports, languages, hobbies.

Dos and Don'ts


• Print or staple your resume to the back of your headshot. Use only one staple in the upper left corner.
•If you are stapling, trim your resume to fit the headshot. Cut you resume - 8x10.
•Make sure the contact information on the back is up-to-date, and that you have an email address.
•If you have a lot of projects, it's better to list the best ones.



•Never lie about your experience.
•Don't make up special skills or write things down just so to fill in the special skill area.
•Don't use a resume that is larger that 8 ½ x 11.
•Don't use a resume that is more than one page.
•Don't staple reviews or clippings to your resume. They just get in the way.
•Don't make the type smaller than 10 pt. If you have that much experience, edit it down.
Do not list extra work unless you are a prominently featured extra. Being an extra does not prove anything about your acting ability to the casting director, and listing extra work is a novice mistake.
Choose a font that is easy to read. Don't bold everything, don't italicize everything. Overall, just make your resume aesthetically pleasing.
Fit everything on one page.
Attach a color headshot to your resume. Black and white is outdated. But, if it's black and white or nothing, attach the black and white one. A face is better than no face!
You do not need to list ALL of your credits. If you performed in your high school musical, odds are that is not going to matter to a casting director. Then again, if it is the only experience you have, it is acceptable to list it.