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Demo Reels

Here's the process:

Functioning as an Actor's Co-Op, you choose your script, you choose your character, and in most cases, you can choose which actor if needed will act in your scenes with you.
You can write your own script or choose from a few of the hundreds of scripts available online. You'll find a link to scripts lower on this page.

Once you have a script, next you need to learn and memorize your lines. Ultimately, its good practice to deliver the lines as they are written because thats what film or stage directors will demand of you - however - we don't discourage some ad-lib or on-set re-writes as necessary to help you deliver a performance that best suits who you are.

Next, you need to go to our Contact Us page, send us a message to let us know that you are ready to work with us at our next shoot. We will need your name, phone number, age (or appearent age), gender, number of scenes that you have prepared and wether the scenes are monologues or dialogues. We will reply with the date and location for the next shoot event.

Finally, the fee for the entire process including Consultation, Demo Reel Film Shoot, if time and conditions permit, we will provide food and water as necessary, and within a week, we will edit and post your reel on YouTube so it is available to share with Agents and Casting Directors. All of the above for $150.
SPECIAL: Bring a friend and each of you get $30 off, so you pay only $240 for both!
This fee can be paid in advance with a credit card, PayPal or direct bank transfer through our PayPal account or you can just bring cash the day of the shoot.
To pay now in advance for either a single or two actors, click here on our
PAY Link.

The Demo Reel that we provide will be a basic one to one and a half minutes, with thirty to 40 seconds each of your best three scenes.

Here is the link to the Scripts page.

We also offer advanced editing services which include longer scenes per your choosing, a music score specific to the mood of each scene, fades, dissolves, your name and contact info on the intro and outro, advanced voice / audio enhancements, chroma-key or green screen keying with custom backgrounds and foregrounds and much more. Advanced editing services are quoted on a per-reel basis due to the complexity required and the levels of enhancements needed. Click HERE for some examples of recent reels.


Bring a paying Actor friend and pay only $120 each - thats only $240 for both!