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Marketing Yourself

Acting is a business - Sell your product.

Although being an actor is extremely rewarding, finding work can be a challenge. The profession requires great commitment and fortitude - and Marketing. Once you have your training and you're ready to step out there, here's the steps.

Phases of Marketing: 101

Head Shot:

It's that great glossy 8 x 10 of you 'being' the character they need for that part. This photo should be shot by a professional who understands the industry and how to best portray you - the Actor.


The words to support the Head Shot with a brief description or training, experience and accomplishments. When sending a Resumé you should also include a Cover Letter with current info relevent to the part.

Demo Reel:

a 1 to 2 minute video of three or four clips from scenes that you have either been paid to act in or have or paid to be filmed that showcase your particular unique style and delivery.

Follow the Trade:

Read the trade papers regularly: Backstage, "Dramalogue," "The Ross Reports" and Variety, as well as online publications such as HollywoodReporter.com, as appropriate. Know what is being cast where, and send headshots and notes directly to directors and producers whenever possible, requesting auditions.

Meet & Greet:

Schmooz! Always accept invitations to industry events and parties, and meet industry professionals whenever possible. Who you know is extremely important. Hand out your business cards which, of course, has a link to your Demo Reel, Head Shot(s), Resumé, etc. Learn how to choose the right events.

Stay Sharp:

Persevere. Learn the key to not getting discouraged. It’s important to keep your auditions skills polished. Learn how to cold read and how to handle the callback.