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Head Shots - Promo Photos

First Impressions

Before they watch your Reel or read your Resumé, they see your Head Shot. This is that special first impression that can instantly make you or break you.

If planned and executed properly, a good Head Shot can scream
'Right fo rthe role'.

A bad Head Shot can scream
'Turn the page and keep looking'.

We do not yet have a single, specific photographer that we can recommend. Once you have reached a conclusion of who you are as an actor, your Head Shot must be made to portray the character that you truly are. Your photographer needs to be in tune with the image that is most likely to get you noticed.

After studying your craft and honing your skills by landing a few roles you should begin to find yourself as an actor - discovering where you best fit and just how much you can expand and broaden your performance abilities.

The short story: If ultimately you are a Vin Diesel, don't wear a suit & tie in your head shot. Portray your optimum role.

There is more about developing this image on the Market Yourself page.

At some future date, we may develop a relationship with a photographer who understands the actor's need to produce a specific 'image'. Check back to this page periodically to see if we are comfortable making a recommendation.