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Demo Reel / Resume Distribution

Making your Demo Reel and Resumé public.

Too often, fresh talent remains
'The Best Kept Secret'
because they lack Distribution and Marketing.

We start by uploading yout Demo Reel to YouTube. This allows you to share it with the world by just sending a simple link in an email.

Because your Demo Reel is shot and edited in DVD quality 1920 x 1080 P HiDef, its suitable for display on on sites and media with the highest standards.

If you request, along with YouTube, we will also upload your Reel to Vimeo, your Talent Agent's site or any other video streaming venue of your choosing.

We also have the ability to create a DVD with your Demo Reel and any other of your video content that is relevent. In certain cases, Talent Agents may request your reel and your other performances on a DVD for delivery to Casting Directors and others who have an interest in 'seeing you' before they call you in.

Lastly, if you have an outlet that wants to display your Reel in some other video format such as Flash, we can do the conversion for you.

By default, your reel is edited and saved as a MPEG-2, but we can provide you with a copy in MOV, WMV, AVI, FLV/F4V or most any ot the other video formats as necessary.

There are a number of Talent websites that will allow you to post your Reel and Resumé for free or for a small fee. Many of these sites will accept a YouTube link for your Reel and plain text or a PDF for your Resumé.

Once you feel that you are ready to 'Go Public' with your Marketing and Distribution, drop us an email and we will assist in any way we can with getting the word out.