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Get On Set - Crew Gigs

Learning from behind the camera

Sometimes, the best learning experience is gained from being a 'fly on the wall'. Witness the process from the vantage of a Grip, a Gaffer or a Production Assistant. Helping to arrange and decorate a set, configure the lighting to fit the mood of the scene, stand-in for the actor to get light balancing and focus, handling a mic boom pole, reading with Actors to assist in their preparation, helping to move equipment from set to set - getting this type of experience can prove priceless to anybody who plans to be involved in the industry - in front of or behind the camera.

There are opportunities every day to work on set of a production. Often, these positions are un-paid but on the other hand, you could pay to go to school to be in the same environment. If you have free time, volunteering to assist with a production is a good way to spend it. It's not uncommon that a volunteer gets put included in a scene as an extra or playing a bit part.

As a rule, we (ActUp Minute Reels / Talent San Diego) have not put out a call for additional crew for our shoots. That being said - we would entertain the request of an Actor who wanted some 'behind-the-camera' time, especially if they would be paying for a Demo Reel in the near future and wanted to get a feel before paying.

Other opportunities to work on crews can be found on CraigsList/Gigs Knowing a film set from behind the camera helps you gain a respect for and understanding of just what is possible in 'making magic' with lights, camera and...action. Of course, you also get to know how good members of the crew feel when they hear: Cut. Perfect. Print it. That's a wrap. It's Miller-time.