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Acting Classes / Workshops

Hone your Craft

There are numerous classes and studios out there, but If you are in college, your school probably has a course or group available. If you are past 'college-age', heck with your local City College for low-cost adult acting classes. When you are at one of our Demo Reel shoots or at one of the SDFilmmakers events, you often hear the question; "who do you study with?" It's a good question to ask any actor. You may just find out which is the best - and worst schools to connect with.

If you do a Google Search for 'Acting classes San Diego', you'll get about 237,000 results. Choose wisely. Not all schools are the same.

We like wci studios in San Diego and LA. One of the principals, Teachers, Coaches, accomplished SAG Actor is Billy Cowart who has been the keynote speaker at numerous local events including San Diego Filmmakers.
Click Billy Talks to see a couple of videos including 'Introducing Billy' and excerpts from his Marketing class.

Different schools, studios and groups tend to specialize in specific areas such as stage acting, commercials, etc. They also have wide and varying fee schedules. Finding the right actors to study with can be a challenge but the key is; get started somewhere. Most sucessful actors have studied with numerous studios and schools. Acting, like performing music, is both a craft and an art.
Read, study and practice.

A man was driving around New York City, tring to find his destination. In desparation, he pulled to the curb and asked a man with a musical
instrument case, "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?"
The answer came back; "Practice, man - lots of practice".