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Memorize and be confident

Note that the first step to an audition is having confidence. The assesors aren't looking for someone who fidgets and doesn't want to be in front of people.
Understand that in passing an audition for a play or film, you will be expected to dedicate an enormous amount of your time and energy to the project.
You should always be prepared, mentally and physically, to give the project more than just rehearsal time.
Make sure you are a team player. Other actors don't take kindly to anyone who has an ego the size of Greenland, who projects an attitude that says, "I'm the star." Especially in a community or university theater environment, there is simply no room to think you're better than anyone else. After all, this is supposed to be a fun learning experience, and since no one is being paid (much at least) to be there, no one owes you anything, even if you do get the lead role.
Understand that some of the film auditions will require you to send in a headshot/resume. This is normal, because they often base on appearance first, and talent second.
Unfortunately, that's the way it goes in "Hollywood", but nobody said this was a fair business. Also be aware that for auditions and productions (film or stage) you may have to travel a considerable distance. For example, you might be called down to LA because someone liked your headshot, or some director liked your audition two counties over. So be prepared to travel if you get cast. In a worst case scenario (mainly film) you may have to relocate to the area of the production.
Find an agent. On occasion you can find agencies in major towns and they will have larger connections than you might. But remember, agents take 10%, so if you get a paying job, you will probably take a pay cut if an agent found it for you.
Memorize your monologue until you can do it in your sleep. Perform it in front of friends or family. Know it inside and out.
When you are called, walk on with confidence. Clearly state your name and what you will be doing. Stay within the alotted time. Thank them. Exit smoothly.
Be patient while waiting for a call-back. Remember that they are looking for something very specific that you may not be for this one but you could be a perfect fit for the next one.